Data Governance & Information Consultancy.

We offer the full range of Data Quality Management consultancy services;

Information Asset Register (IAR)

We provide services and solutions for creating and maintaining an information asset inventory, using our dedicated Information Asset Register software system rather than spreadsheets.

Information is a vital business asset for an organisation. Everything we do involves using information in some way. It is used to support and evidence our decisions, activity, communications, business performance, legal rights and obligations.

However, it is typically not recognised, valued and managed as an "asset", in the same way that buildings, plant, equipment, finances and human resources are. Some organisations will know more about the value of their filing cabinets and computers than they do about the information they contain.

Electronic Content Management Solutions

Thinking of implementing an ECM solution, why not come and talk to us first, our consultants have over 50 years of expertise in helping SME to Multi National Companies choose and deploy state of the art applications that will transform how companies work on a daily basis.

Digital Signatures

Companies around the world are increasing the use of digital signatures with a degree of security, reliability and simplicity unmatched by other signing technologies. DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital, so you can get on with your business, and your life.

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